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May 30, 2008



is the typeface not Avant Garde? The R certainly looks familiar...


Pretty sure cover was designed by The Partners


Much better covers and original artworks for all the Bond books here:

22nd April - 28th June 2008


Dave Bowker

That is a horrible cover. The flower and the woman is just cheese.

That special edition Bond book though is fantastic. Reminds me of Argyle socks.


It's definitely NOT Gill - nothing like! More like Avant Garde, although the R is slightly different.


I keep thinking that Bond must be such a relatively easy sell that it's about time someone did something genuinely "new" with it. Something we haven't seen before rather than something that looks "Bond" or something that is just a homage.

Like what Pan did in the 70s when they brought out the photo covers - nothing like what they'd been doing before.


(God awful stamps!).

Loïc Boyer

Consider yourself lucky with an OK design.
When you look at the version we have in France, you realise something's been lost in translation.


One must ask oneself if a continuation of the over sexualised and sickeningly abused image of the female (being shot in the head) is acceptable these days.


Give me a cover by David Pearson anyday...


Avant Garde. This is kind disappointing compared to Penguin's recent re-design and re-release of other Bond books. I think the illustration and design of those were brilliant, if not a bit too psychedelic and 70s, which may not have fit this theme.

Mat Ranson

How thick is that special edition version??! Is it special because its huge print for people with cataracts?


The type on the normal one is massive = 13.5 to be precise.



Out of all the books I own, only 1 dust jacket remains on any of them (Contemporary Graphic Design from Taschen).

Almost without exception they serve no purpose after they have grabbed your attention in the shop.



Ben - collection of good/keepable dust jacket designs...worthwhile idea for a post?


It was designed by the Partners. Looks like Gill on the special edition though.


Totally agree on the dust cover... Hat them too! Sadly I was involved in designing a few covers too but I was able to make some thing nice with the simple typeface on the actual book.

Regarding the design of the front, I guess I must have been a political compromise and that, as I hope all agree, is not the best way for good design.


I had the pleasure of working on this beast of a design whilst on a placement with the Partners. We had 101 better ideas floating around at the time - such disappointment to be told this was what they wanted


My biggest problem is that the book itself isn't that well made, like most hardbacks these days - glued spine and cheap paper. If I'm buying a hardback for the best part of 20 quid (£25+ if it's non-ficton), I expect the paper to not feel like newsprint.

The 007 penguin is ace though.

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