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May 01, 2008


Richard Holt

Nice idea, brilliantly executed.

A brave thing to do, not for the feint hearted...


Jef Nickerson

I can't say how brilliant it is. It is not working for me on Camino 1.6. The menus won't stay and none of the menu items are taking me anywhere. Oh well.

George Morgan

I think it's a nice idea, although it could end up alienating or confusing a lot of more conservative/less tech savvy potential clients. Although they may consider this a bonus.


This post is currently their homepage. Very cool.


Wait, maybe it’s because it was linked from here. Never mind. I’m crap at digital.


It's a clever idea.

But it seems to have riled the Wikipedians into a froth of fury so the article isn't quite as representative as it should be, which sort of defeats the web 2.0 thingy a bit I think. Nice use of flickr and youtube.


It's a genuinely original approach to using the web and one of the best examples of incorporating Web 2.0 that I've seen. Good on 'em. And boo-hiss to the Wiki-zealots who really don't seem to understand the concept.

It'll be interesting to see what comes after this - I'm sure it's going to be super-influential over the next few months.


Was expecting to hate it. It's brilliant.


That site is genius.


saw this a while back. it´s fucking great.


not sure whether it's an "original idea" or not. i think the firm zeus jones did this first about a year ago.

me? i don't like either firms site. gimmicky and as boring as any "wank agency web site" the second time you go there if not the first.

i've been surprised everyone thinks this is so cool.


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