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May 20, 2008


David Potter

I've been called Dave for the past 26 years so ner ner ner ner ner ner


I quite agree. Dave's a dreadful name.


Where does the rage come from Ben? Where?

Paul H. Colman

You haven't.

More misery guts = better blog.

sue turner

Some people never leave college. Some people should go back.


You called your company 'The Design Conspiracy' and your blog 'Noisy Decent Graphics'. Pot calling kettle black there I think.


J - explain? How is that the same as calling a company Dave?


Simply put, I don't think 'The Design Conspiracy' or 'Noisy Decent Graphics' as names are any less of a novelty. I think that's a fair opinion. If the name 'Dave' works for them, why shouldn't they call themselves that? I don't like it (and a quick perusal tells me that I don't like their work either), but there's no less of an apparent idea behind their name than your company's name. And regardless of whether you or I think that their work is any good or not, it is not very professional to publicly 'slag off' a company in direct competition with yourselves.

(And no, I do not work for Dave, or know anyone from there for that matter; that post just really got under my skin.)


J. As I read it, the 'piss off' has more to do with the preening tone and vomit inducing opportunism of the ad and their (I would venture) belief that their little display is original. I do know at least one of them by the way. I taught them...tragic.


J - Dave is a ridiculous name for a company. It's a person's name for a start. Not the owner or the founder either. It's just silly for the sake of it and it's unGoogleable which is a huge sin these days.

The ad is also childish and just serves to highlight the silliness of the name.

I've never liked the name: http://noisydecentgraphics.typepad.com/design/2006/02/whats_your_url.html

Our name says quite a bit about who we are and stands out in a world of Blue Frogs and Green Dogs. Noisy Decent Graphics is an anagram.


Oh yeah, it's an anagram. Huh. Never noticed.

Mario 63

they look jealous is all that is

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