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May 30, 2008



I tried that, but then my Jesus phone just broke one day, and took all my notes with it. My Moleskine (so far) hasn't ever 'just broken'. Might be one more thing to carry around, but its a nice thing!


It's No-Tec for me too. But good luck Ben.


Whenever I'm wandering around, I find the iPhone ideal for taking impromptu notes. I occasionally do the same in meetings.

Then I email them to my Evernote account.

Oh, and regarding apologies.. shouldn't everyone else be apologising to you for not using an iPhone ;-)

Alexander Baxevanis

I doubt most digital note-taking technologies are mature enough to capture what can be done with pen and paper. They invariably impose some structure that is more geared towards making it easy for the computer to handle the data rather than making it easy for the user to express their ideas.

See for example this picture:

Someone decided to draw thumbnail-version of their everyday clothing choices in a calendar grid. Try doing that in any computer based calendar.

Also, Adaptive Path have released notes from their recent conference in a raw graphic format which, for me, is infinitely more valuable than a list of bullet-points. See:





Those notes from the Adaptive Path conference are amazing.

It is restricting because I can't sketch, yes.


Doesn't make you look as much of a wally as that coat did last night.


you mean you ACTUALLY USE A FEATURE on your iPhone? Well, feck me...


Once the whole digital paper thing become affordable, I'm kind of hoping that Apple buy Moleskine and the 2012 iPhone will be a hybrid of the two. Maybe called the iMole... iSkine... Molephone...

Moleskine really is an annoying word isn't it?


maybe you could make a little sign that you take to your meetings. or a t-shirt: 'i'm not texting, i'm making notes'. at least you'd be a wally with a nice typeface.


He only wears pink shirts Lauren.


Can you type quickly enough on that phone? I find it quite tricky. But then I have sausage fingers. Good when you're hungry, bad when you're typing.


I can manage OK. My fingers are small and dainty. Like, er, Little Bo Peep's fingers. Maybe.

Peter Sullivan

HA! Jesus Phone. Love it. I love the notes feature on my iPhone. Now if just AT&T could improve reception in my area...

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