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Jun 26, 2008



Since I am crap at reviewing, might I suggest a book to be reviewed: Designing Design by Kenya Hara.


Wait... after spending money on all these big picture books and then organising them carefully on my shelves, I'm then supposed to read them? Huh. I suppose I could give it a go...


Hi Ben,

I've had a go at one of these Summer of Design Books things, only I've just copies links for images from my own blog which should still work but let me know if it doesn't and I'll fix them.


Works like a dream! Thanks for that.


Hello Ben,
I wanted to re-edit the Book Imprimé post after its publishing, and I'm afraid it has gone… somewhere. Or not.
It's not in the Main menu anymore, but still in the SoDB category.
I'm sorry, I won't do it again…

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