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Jun 16, 2008


David Airey

Tried unsuccessfully to log into Typepad with your username and password, but I guess you need your own Typepad account first (which I kind of guessed, but wanted to give it a shot anyway).

Mike Reed

Great to see Cradle to Cradle on your list. It's incredibly inspiring. Look forward to hearing what you think.

Blair Thomson

My pile of purchased design and branding books (there but never fully explored) seems to grow month on month... nice idea and a good motivational prompt for me to make some time to get stuck in.


Let me look into that David.


ooh - i'd love to participate! i've got a corker of a book about colour that needs finishing and a bunch of architecture stuff too. let us know when you've sorted out the non-typepad login user thingy.


Cradle to Cradle is so good, I read it for my dissertation research. I possibly just like the 'paper' it's printed on though... smoothness.

I have a whole pile of books on Sustainable Design to read this summer (my dissertation is on the aesthetics of sustainable design, i'm so current, oh yeah) so I shall participate too. Once you've figured out how we can. Haha.

Loïc Boyer

The project is an excellent idea, if you can't manage to fix the typepad access, we could try to build a L'Imprimante blog dedicated to it.
I'd love to host SofDB, and I guess I can easily manage guest authors.
So drop me a line if you need.
ps: my pile of books is ready, haha!

Dirk Sabbe

Excellent idea! I would love to contribute to the SoDB project.

Any progress on the organistion of the project? Can I help?


Dirk - go here to get the log in details http://noisydecentgraphics.typepad.com/design/2008/06/summer-of-des-1.html

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