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Jul 28, 2008



Yeah, Apple finally removed FireWire charging from the iPhone 3G -- it now only charges over USB (i.e. via the USB pins on the dock connector) so any iPod accessories that try to charge via the FireWire won't be successful.

Prime example: iPod Hi-Fi. Bad Apple!


That is bad. Next you'll be telling us Tesco are rubbish.

Mike Reed

And don't you think that Mobile Me identity looks distinctively un-Apple? A bit fussy and cutesy, I thought, lacking the now-familiar minimal, cool, but wryly witty Apple touch.

Plus the technology's obviously been giving them trouble.

Whisper it: a touch of the Microsofts about this one.

James Griffin

That packaging is appalling. Funnily enough I wrote an Iphone rant today over on my blog. Can anyone tell me a good reason to get one of these mobileme accounts? what are the benefits? I was going to get one but the overly chirpy apple store staff were really grating on me after 4 hours of waiting in a que and I really couldn't be bothered to listen to their "we all love apple, big happy familly" nonsense!

Tom Harle

I'm in the Big Apple and had to order some software from their online store for my internship today, it was 5 cents below the free shipping qualification, so we ended up spending $20 more - if that's how it's going to arrive, they could probably have saved that 5 cents straight away on one of those balloon things

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