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Jul 17, 2008


Blair Thomson

saw this in Design Week too this morning and thought... 'now thats crap!'

where's the originality?


A logo that bad could make someone physically sick; a designer, anyway.


Ha ha, me too, I though, who the hell thinks that is a good logo. I thought the glass bubble (effect) had burst?


I'm surprised you haven't had a go at the design company name as well: Whippet. Perhaps they hail from t'North.


I don't even see how that is related to what they sell. Where's the mobility?

Mike Reed

Couldn't agree more, Ben. Saw it this morning and went 'Ugh.' What annoys me is that it just appears in DW along with some words culled from the press release. I want a design industry magazine that says TESCO UNVEILS HIDEOUS MOBILE LOGO, and interviews influential people about how horrible it is. (Balanced with equally opinionated articles about good things, of course.)


Imagine that was the 2012 mark... OUTCRY!

Nothing wrong with the North, you might find that a very large proportion of prominent designers are actually from the North!


Mike - This blog is such a place. No fawning press releases here. Just genius grumpy generaliations.


It'll make a cracking Christmas card. Add a carrot and a couple of pieces of coal and hey presto!


As the text says, "unmissable on the shelf".


4 designers? 4 mismatched elements to the logo? They obviously listened too damn hard when Sesame Street taught them to co-operate.


That's pretty much why I don't bother with Design Week. (I made the mistake of subscribing to their podcast too... ouch).

Generic web 2.0ish logo, anyone?

I saw it 'in action' yesterday. Maybe some good can come of it - if it was used as an example of how design by committee is never a good idea, perhaps.


Quite simply a dog's dinner of a logo. Has all the elements, but is just wrong.

However, let's be optimistic and hope the design agency came up with a super flat graphic to sit happily with the Tesco logo, but were shouted down by Tesco's marketing department who wanted the web 2.0 'everyone's got one so should we' look.


Maybe they will be using the 3 white blobs button on its own in the future? Then people can use their mobile without thinking about doing the shopping.
The logo it replaces (small Tesco over lower case mobile inside a speech bubble) was clearly within their main branding.

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