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Jul 16, 2008




Flo Heiss

Axl Rose sings the hits of Guns'n Roses


mad and a bit sad. bless 'im.


Did you get a discount because of the crack? Or was it 50p already?


How... very... odd.

I'd quite like to see "Wet Wet Wet: Wet Wet Wet play the hits of Wet Wet Wet in the style of Wet Wet Wet."


& SMILE. Is that a song or an instruction?

Vicki Brown



You've always had terrible taste in music.

I think you need to take time and evaluate exactly why you bought this, was it really just for the title, or is it some inner desire for all thing MOR and Scottish?


Is it not him doing them in a more 'easy listening' vocal style...or something? I was under the impression they were different versions (I dunno) I do think the '& smile' sounds like an instruction too though. Haha

As a Metallica and Megadeth fan I feel the need to stand up and admit a shameful love of Wet Wet Wet, and dear Marti. Sorry. I know it's unfathomable!!


I haven't actually listened to it yet. I'll do that now.


Can you set up an audio stream so that we can all enjoy?

(It's the sort of thing that Russell would do without even thinking, isn't it?)


I knew you'd be a fan David.

I don't have an audio stream but you can buy it here. It's worth clicking through just to read the reviews:


"This is NOT a wet, wet, wet album. It does state to be a wet, wet, wet album and anyone who thinks so by looking at the album cover ... well, quite frankly mite need their eyes tested. This a MARTI PELLOW album."


No, you've got me wrong Ben - I'm a Neil Young fan. Enough said.


If anyone's got to make an album of Wet Wet Wet covers, surely Marti's the best man for the job. Makes complete sense.

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