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Aug 12, 2008



Wow Loïc, those are real gems. Nice.


ahh, i know what that Pintori on the left reminds me of...


Thanks Richard, I was wondering if a vintage design book could fit into this series, but I guess it does.

Nick, congratulations, I didn't notice myself.
I was rather expecting some readers to react to a 1949 ad from of the Typography book, compared to the D&AD logo (1963). But it may not be that obvious…


I have all four of these since '83 or '84 and even then I felt that it had been a great find. Thanks for reminding me to take them off my shelf and look through them again!

Guillaume Bokiau

I have numbers 2 to 4 of the european series. I first spotted them in a public library in Paris (at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs), then just recently actually found them in a private bookshop in Brussels (seems like few people around here are looking for them, they had been laying on those shelves for 10+ years).

I guess the Müller-Brockman issue (#1) has the most success, hence it's harder to find.

Hadn't seen any one of the USA issues. So thanks for that :)

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