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Sep 28, 2008



That kerning on "7A" makes my skin crawl.

Mark Hadfield

Very true, and I think it's worth thinking about even reversing the structure of the address.

For so many reasons now (google maps, iphone and sat navs) the postcode is arguably more important than the street or building number?


what i love even more than nicely designed numbers and street names is when the numbers and the streets follow a sensible order - you know, odd on one side of the street, even on the other, in numerical order. i know that sounds normal, but it drove me bonkers how many streets in london don't do that! stukeley st, WC1 anyone?


Yes Mark! Good point.

The Kaiser

I used to work in Worship Street.


Really? In the UK?

The Kaiser

Yes. It's where the "HQ" of my former employer is - so I was there often.

And it is a house without a number.

The Kaiser

But it does have a door.


But Mark, don't multiple buildings share the same postcode? I think the postcode is a much simpler way of finding the area, but once you're there you need a number.

Ben Blench

The Russians do their addresses backwards: country, town, street, number, name. Oh, actually it was the Ukrainians. The Russians probably do the same thing though.

Christopher Clay

"Let's pass legislation to make all buildings display their full address outside on metal plate. In the same colour, the same font." -- This is actually the way it is in Vienna, Austria (and has been since 1923).
As a Viennese in London, I'm having a terribly hard time finding places here. I'd gladly accept a little unification at the cost of individuality... and yes, all numbers are in order, too.

Here's a page on the history and evolution of street numbers in Vienna (in German, but with lots of nice pictures): http://www.sagen.at/doku/Hausnummern_Wien/Hausnummern.html


Thanks for that Christoper.

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