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Sep 19, 2008



So that's why you shave your head


Useless comment, but I wanted to say it: your hair is beautiful, let it grow!


Good God. (The photo not the dissertation. I'm going to read that later). You should do a Young Me Now Me, for sure.


And thank Christ you you got rid of the Goatee!


You're Malcolm Gladwell?


Interesting evolution of your physical appearance ! you look better in the present!


How the times change indeed.I mean that passing as a dissertation (just my assumption, of course, that it passed).


I like how every single comment has to do with your appearance, and not your dissertation.

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Jeremy Stersky

if I have to agree with the comment made by Ross on 21 September 2008. So many of the poster about your appearance and not about your dissertation. Perhaps you'd like to read about like what I've been doing as well – online bingo that's my online gaming site it's pretty neat. Take a look.

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