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Sep 01, 2008



What colour is Pantone 116?

Thomas Tordoff

weird, i live around the corner from this pub!

"Fill in the blanks of this sentence By Paul Rand:
Without the aesthetic, the computer is but a mindless _____ _______, producing _______ without substance."


what are the dimensions (in millimetres) of the following standard paper stationery sizes: A1, B5, C5 and A6?

Jacob Cass

What is the logo of this company?
Name ten fonts.


Whose round is it?


It would have to be fairly topical...

Who created the 2012 Olympics Logo?


or how much did the V&A buy the Rolling Stones Lips logo for in 2008?

Steve Price

1. Who said 'You can not not communicate'?
2. Name three partners at Pentagram?
3. What does D&AD stand for? (n.b no it is not Dungeons And Dragons)
4. Name one of the authors of the 1964 'First Things First' Manifesto?
5. Who designed the London Underground map?
6. Name both members of Underground who were also members of Tomato?
7. Who designed Arial for Microsoft?
8. What are the key commands for the © icon?
9. In Indesign which palette would Command Alt M show?
10. Who is the editor of Creative Review?


Good Steve, very good.


How about...

Which London-based graphic designer has the smartest wife?

Colin Firth

Multiple choice is certainly the way forward. Especially if you're looking to fuel topical debate well past closing with a lock-in of billboard proportions.

How about:

What's the best way of telling a client his idea is stupid (probably because you think it'll make your design look like something Jane from accounts would make in Word)? Do you:

A) Suggest an alternative idea that incorporates at least one of the words he just said, and let him think it was his incredible talent that made such an amazing design possible.

B) Ignore him, do a proper job anyway, and let your account handler colleague pick up the pieces.

C) Tell him you hate eggs because you once saw your grandmother sucking one and it looked disgusting.

Printed Balloons

How about something basic like name all of the Primary colours, or name a complimentary colour to Red, or name a contrasting colour to Green.


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