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Sep 02, 2008



This is just a guess but I'm pretty sure your image sensor is broken, atleast the pink color suggests so. I've seen that happen with some consumer level digital cameras. Usually the sensor can be replaced if the camera is taken to maintenance.


I had this exact same problem with my Samsung NV11 - was taking some pretty shocking photos, like this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmmmike/2108575704/

Turned out that it was indeed the image sensor.


Ahhh, I see. Any idea where/how I can get a new image sensor?


Given that a new one'll cost you under £100 (or £150 for the NV40), I wouldn't have thought a replacement sensor would be at all economical? As with most consumer electronics these days, it's usually cheaper to buy new than repair, unfortunately.


oh wow. yeah, there's been a rash of bad CCDs, I thought most of them had failed by now. guess not. check this out: http://www.imaging-resource.com/badccds.html They don't mention Samsung, though.


I like it, keep that for the Lomo style pics, and buy another.


Yep - definitely your image sensor - you'll need a new one. Should get one for around a bit under £100 so probably wouldn't be too hard to replace, but maybe uneconomical ? Happened to me a while back - I got round the problem by turning it off and turning it on again.

Check this link to find the best one on 'What !? Image Sensor Magazine':


I've got a spare image sensor for a Samsung NV10 in my shed if you'd like me to send it to you ? It will cost you nothing.


I've seen these problems happen before - sometimes they can be really bad. I'd suggest it's your image sensor. When you shake it around, does it rattle a bit ? If so it will be your IMAGE SENSOR and you'll need to replace it.


I say keep it like that for the effect. You never know when you're going to need a crazy effect like that, I think. Or if you get it fixed, then 3 years later some project calls for a picture like that and you'll wish you still had it.

That's the way I think about these things anyway. Mistakes are the best.

Plus the cost of getting it fixed is probably close to the cost of getting a new one.

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