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Sep 18, 2008



Another stonker. Just wish I was into kerning more.


Claire - these ones are for you http://noisydecentgraphics.typepad.com/design/2008/09/pizza-love.html


How can you leave out the PriceWaterhouseCoopers logo, compared to the charity shop it is the deepest circle of kerning hell? I don’t mind the sharing of serifs but they do need to be redrawn to work in a logo.

Giacomo Cesana

And what about Intesa Sanpaolo, the biggest bank of Italy?


Hi Mr Terrett. Really love this piece and I took the privilege of translating this one into Chinese, hope you wouldn't mind.




cut and dried mate


Looks like they're teetering on keming.

Mat  Ranson

>>But these guys are all about taking risks, aren't they?

Are they? I thought banks and corporations were called "conservative" for a reason.


This all seems a little ridiculous. Kerning isn't about touching serifs, it is about word image and a figure ground relationship. Personally, the issues you highlighted in the examples aren't the noticable ones - for example: The excessive space between the E & R at the end of Lehman Brothers is a clear issue, and if you're talking about being to close for comfort, what about both R touching the following character? (Not that I consider this an issue).

Anyway, I'm probably taking the whole article far to seriously as I am now assuming it was intended as a bit of topical fun — so I will end with flattery.

Your newspaper project is awesome. It looks great and is a very considered piece. Well done.

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