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Sep 21, 2008



First Direct have been black and white, and indeed with the exact same visual identity since it started - what? 20 yrs ago?


Yes. Obviously. But I don't mean the identity, I mean the whole website.

Normally that website is black and white with colour photos. That one isn't. It's just black and white.




Tom of the Rovers

Maybe it's just really old ?

Or maybe all the blood drained out of their web site last week. That's more likely.


I don't like it and from a web accessibility point of view this high contrast site might alienate some of their dyslexic customers. Each to their own I suppose


why are web designers obsessed with dyslexia?

Copywriters aren't or they'd never use the word onomatopoeia in a headline.

I agree with you Ben, it's refreshing but, of course, it's also 'on-brand'.

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