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Sep 23, 2008


Mike Reed

Agree with almost all of that, Ben. Almost, because from what I can see, the shots look rather too good. Wouldn't it be better if they looked more like 'real' cheeky personal polaroids, taken by ordinary people? It could still tick all the practical boxes of showing off Ann's sophisticated, elegant wares, but with more of a voyeuristic frisson that seems - as you say - entirely in keeping with the brand.

Or it may just be me.


Yeah good point.

They are pretty real up close. Well, pseudo real, you know, marketing real. It's OK.


Ah, but you miss the point, Mike. It's the way they're 'scattered' that really counts.

Design, you see, is all about style. Isn't it, Ben?


David, I was relying on you for the innuendo.


Always happy to oblige - especially when it comes to innuendo. Reminds me of the woman who asked the barman for a double entendre, so he gave her one.

Mike Reed

David, I see you've been reading the Saturday Guardian too. I was about to tell that one.

'Marketing real' will not do, I'm afraid, Ben. You can spot it a mile off.


Didn't Polaroids have a big "footer" border at the bottom where you held it while waving it to develop?


andy: not with the medium format polaroids

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