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Sep 23, 2008



Do you prefer tea or coffee? We all know the correct answer to that one! If he doesn't tell him where to go. And dunk or no dunk is another good one.


Brilliant, insightful questions. Thank you.


A pleasure mate! You know me always here to help. You could also ask him who he thinks would win this fight - grizzly bear or crocodile? That will get him thinking! Or you could ask why the £2 coin was left out of the collection/design?

Tom of the Rovers

OK. What about who he thinks would win in a fight between Chrissy Waddle and Cinderella ? No rules.

Matt Edgar

Hi Ben,

I love the new coins, and have so far collected a 1p and 2p. If anyone who has recently served me in a shop is reading this, I'd like them to know that I was on the lookout for a shiny 2008 fivepence, not questioning their ability to give the correct change.

My question to Matt (sorry I can't top the others in the comments above :) - To what other class of everyday objects would he like to give a systematic overhaul?



A sensible question! Thanks Matt.

Antonio Serrano

Hey Ben! It's been ages since I dropped by, nice to see you're still posting good stuff!

Ok, question for Matt:
If given the opportunity to work ANYWHERE, where would you go?



Having also only found a 1p and 2p, I'd like to know if these coins are actually in circulation or if they all reside on desgners' desks?


Thanks for making this happen, Ben.

For Matt:
What other concepts did you toss around before coming to and settling on the Royal Arms?
What was the Mint's initial reaction at your unconventional concept?


Tom of the Rovers

What has been the stablishment's response to his groundbreaking design and will he be doing stamps next ?

That's the second half of the Chrissy Waddle question - it is not valid by itself.


Daddy or Chips?


Inevitably I got a 5p, within an hour of my previous comment.


1) Why did he decide to work for that company... their website looks crap?

2) How much more money has he made since doing the coin design... i.e. before that he was making 20k, now he making 55k?

3) How long did it take him to do the coin design... i.e. 3hours... 2days...?


i would also like to know why the £2 coin was left out.

and as a side note, i know that Tesco, at least where i live, have got lot of the new coins. so if your looking, go there!

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