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Sep 16, 2008


Blair Thomson

Probably a cost saving exercise. One size is cheaper than two!
'Fuck clarity of message, we got ourselves a bargain!'

Thomas Tordoff

'sign writers - The kings of compromise'


I don't think so. Sure it's tight, amateur and unpretty. But I think you're overlooking the thoughtful graphic IDEA to shift the baseline— adding legibility to what would otherwise be an illegible, even tighter tracked line.

Prescott Perez-Fox

Actually, I've seen worse: http://www.perezfox.com/2007/05/08/k-ernin-g-ny-c/

But that was a little different. This has a certain audacity that is almost admirable in its awfulness.


wow, I can't decide if it's the worst kerning, leading or baseline shift I've ever seen. Top marks in all three!


It should really be Final Week, shouldn't it? These do-gooders think they can get away with all sort of laxity.


I've seen worse. I'll see if I can find it...


For some reason I just can't help but keep staring at it. It's like it's gone full circle and become good again.


It must have inspired these people:



Can we get the brightest design minds on this?
One (fixed size) font. One big red (fixed size) board. One arrow. No payment.


That is awful kerning imo. So whats happening 'this week'?


Sure is bad that R should be moved to the right, but it is a solution to the problem – too much copy too little space. The CH pair does avoid the pitfall of aligning the open counter with the vertical to make a d shape and the I is obviously positioned to preserve the basic legibility of the character and the dual baseline is just enough to keep the integrity of the counters while still linking the two lines. The alternatives seem to be a diagonal, a curve, a tracking traincrash or txt.spk


I agree. The Exclamation mark is so unneccessary and out of kilter with the 'last week' message.


How cool!


It's not the kerning so much as the vertical alignment.

At first glance to me it says "hrt caiy"


Apropos of Dan's comment, I'm left wondering if maybe the charity involved has something to do with HRT?

Maybe there's more here than meets the eye...g,d&r

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