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Sep 25, 2008



I'm not even a designer but I have been thinking about the graphics on baby related items a lot recently since I have a 5 month old. packaging on Nappies, baby wipes and baby food especially. I know there has to be branding, but the graphics dont seem to have changed much since my first child was a baby - he is fifteen now. Couldnt they make them more hip? More attractive? with less images of other peoples babies? lets face it if your buying the stuff chances are you know what a baby looks like! Couldnt they be a bit more Dorset Cereal about it all? How about Johnson and Johnson employing a few designers to design a set of limited edition baby wipe packets then they would look lovely in my Cath Kidston nappy bag....
Just an idea...


I've always wanted to design the identity for a fictional company at the center of a film plot.

martyn reding

1 a coke can
2 livery for an f1 car
3 university or college brand identity
4 art gallery brand identity
5 tv channel idents
6 anything for dyson
7 mobile start up animation
8 above the line anti litter campaign
9 wally olins' next book
10 a bigger salary for myself

Tom of the Rovers

I can probably help you with a couple there Ben - the museum and tube ones. Let me know if you want some contacts.


On the subject of tube seat covers has anyone else noticed that the pattern looks a lot like knives?


1. An electric city bike that looks like you'd actually like to ride it and had a built-in lock so you don't have to lug a great big chain around all the time.

2. An executive aircraft interior.

3. An eco-car which can connect up with others to make road trains, sharing fuel, data, music etc. like a mobile social network. And the infrastructure to go with it, especially the charging points.

4. Something mechanical and heavy duty, but made from transparent materials.

5. A physical product for Lego using enlarged standard parts - like a modular children's bike that starts off as a balance bike, then you add a bottom bracket, cranks and pedals, then larger wheels, then make the frame longer etc.

6. The packaging for a Tamiya radio controlled car.


Adam, 1 and 5 would be brilliant. Patent them quick!


I'm not a designer either, but if I were I'd love to design book covers at Penguin. I reckon I could do that quite happily for years and years. Just wanted to claim that before Ace Jet Richard arrives...


1. a pair of books with related content but from different writers

2. a series of wood boxes, like the fluxus ones

3. its impossible but, monty python reunion motion graphics !

4. vacant

5. a logo for toilet paper


1. a pack of cigarettes (I know, I know, but I'd still want to)

2. a set of silverware

3. a deck of cards (mostly the faces, but the back would be fun too)

Richard Holt

I'm in complete agreement on the tube seat covers! I always thought I'd like to do stamps but I've heard all sorts of horror stories about what a nightmare they can be. Other than that I'd love to design an iconic album cover, a new Doctor Who intro sequence, the book jacket to a book which I truly love, and of course the identity for my own design studio. (I can dream)

I always wanted to design a car logo, and I did just manage to do it earlier this year, the new Alfa Romeo Mito has my logo slapped clearly on the boot which I was rather chuffed about. Maybe it's time to give up...



I thought you said an AD&D manual. I used to look through the advanced dungeons and dragons monster manual endlessly when I was a kid. Never played it.

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