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Sep 25, 2008


Mike Reed

Really interesting stuff, Ben. Although I wouldn't want to be the person who can't afford an iPhone when they've taken down all the road signs.

My only quibble is not with the article but with interestingthings.iamnear.net (which is presumably a Russell Davies venture, as almost every result I got was from eggsbaconchipsandbeans).

I put in my Dorking location, in various different ways, and each time got four results from south London (Putney and Balham) and one from Coulsdon. Plus, every one of them was a café.

Now, when I get to Heaven I expect to be served nothing but English breakfasts, but even I won't go all the way to Putney for one. I think this site needs a bit more work before it gets too much trumpeting in the press!


Yes, it's not really launched yet Mike. Actually, err, it hasn't launched. Possibly I shouldn't have mentioned it.

I think it takes feeds from Russell's EBCB and Anne's Nothing To See Here. Obviously more sites need to be added to make it the ubiquitous navigation tool I sold it as.

Or you could move.

Mike Reed

I could. And if my wife has her way, we will. Frequently.

Looking back over my comment it sounds rather churlish. Wasn't meant that way. The site sounds like a good idea, just with a little way to go. (If it can find me a decent fry-up in Dorking, I'll invest in it*.)

*This isn't strictly true.


You're both right. It has a way to go. It's an experiment really. Dorking must be an ebcb hot spot.

Tom Taylor

Gosh, yes, it's very much still a work in progress, but thanks for the kind words.

There are lots of other iamnears that work well though, like megaliths and cats :)


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