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Sep 24, 2008



They're watching your every move, I reckon (see, you shouldn't have posted about Ann Summers).


Or, you could ask Matt Dent.


when I worked for giant computer company, I was disturbed when I noticed a similar thing upon googling facebook...except that said 389 times since.... (whenever). Scary....

Craig Hamnett

Hey Ben,

It is how many times you've visited that site from a Google Search. The date is the date of your last visit.

Craig :)


It's Google Web History. It's only tracking your searches on Google, and what you click. You can change the settings in My Account, switching it off entirely if you like.

In that case it means you've visited them 4 times ever, the last was 15th July.


David - very good!

Others - I thought that. But if i Google them again, it's not there. So?

Tom of the Rovers

Takes a while for your cache to be updated, fool.

Is that right ? (Looks around eagerly at those who know this stuff....)

Mike Reed

Ben, why use Google? If you're on Firefox (and if not, why not?), just write 'Pentagram' in the address window. It'll find them instantly.

It uses your own browsing history, but also does its own web search. For example, I just tested it by tapping in 'Debenhams', which I've never visited online. Bingo: www.debenhams.com. If it can't find a perfect match, it brings up the relevant Google results page anyway.


I tried that Mike, but it takes me straight to the Google page. Not the Pentagram page.



Do you have the google toolbar installed? It invades privacy by reporting stuff back to them for google history which is then put onto your search results


That's my business,Ben.

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