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Oct 10, 2008


Paul H. Colman

Thanks, Ben.

I might start reading this blog again.

Ps. You'd laugh at my technorati rating.


Let's just take one day at a time, big guy, one day at a time.

Paul H. Colman

Of course you're right, but you know what Dan says, "go big, or go home".

Rob @ Cynic

Have you been doing a secret 007 mission while you've been away?

Rob @ Cynic

How stupid am I ... that was supposed to be on Paul's blog ... I am officially a tit but we all knew that anyway!


One day at a time, Rob, one day at a time.

Dan says that? All he ever says to me is stuff about leaf blowers.

Paul H. Colman

Rob, I can't talk about what I've been doing, classified.

Ben, I was talking Wieden, not 'The Man Germain'.


So was I.

Paul H. Colman



thank god you chose the photo of paul with his iphone, rather than the crumbed fish in his hand. although...


That's great art direction for you Lauren.

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