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Oct 07, 2008


Matt Kirkland

I loved those too.

Lately, they've been picked up and used to death by the new American tv show 'Fringe.' They're used as the location titles - cropping up throughout the show. I'm 90% sure I saw the camera pan through the O in 'BOSTON' during one episode.

Kev Mears

Funnily enough I hadn't seen the Panic Room titles, but have seen Fringe. I can see now the inspiration.

I suppose that Fringe has some of the TV DNA of Lost, since J J Abrams is involved, and LOST does the floaty 3D text too.

A series whose titles I'm loving at the moment is True Blood.


'owe an inspiration debt'..come on..they're practically copied!

Thanks for the weblink though


I'm crazy about movie titles...Stranger Than Fiction has some of my very favorite, but I'm sure a lot of people agree with me there. I'll have to check out that site and watch some more.


I also love this effect and was interested in how it is created so a few days ago so did a bit of research and thought I'd share what I found with you.

It's a technique called matchmoving and it's incredibly common in television ads as well as hollywood blockbusters like Panic Room.

There's a really simple but effective video tutorial about the the effect is achieved over on youtube.


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