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Oct 06, 2008



"Make the logo smaller" you mean?

Phil Gyford

"Working at a really small scale is something you'll be familiar with if you've been lucky enough to have done an Art Foundation course."

Really? My foundation course had to struggle to stop me doing my usual little drawings and do stuff big instead.


Ahh. My Foundation got us doing great big ones one day and then tiny small ones the next. A bit like a proportions workout.


i concur with what Phil said - in my foundation year we had to work on A2 minimum.

'the end of baroque brands'... why haven't you talked about baroque brands before ben? i have this theory (and i'm not alone in it) that we are in a neo-baroque period - politically, aesthetically: fashion, art and architecture, in literature and, as you say, brands/comms. i don't know if we're over it though. i think people are going to want the drama still for a few years yet. i think the neo-reformation hasn't run its course yet. but tell me more about this end of baroque brands idea...


Ok. Will do. Shortly.

Andrew Preston

Small. Well , yes I guess perhaps you like it because you see the information there minus all the surrounding stuff that is on most PC-orientated websites.

Andrew Preston

Just to add. Looks a little like you've allowed yourself to be sucked into the whole iphone thing, and your comments are just those which disguise the whirling plughole of that?

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