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Oct 01, 2008



My own fault for not including a credit perhaps but I actually did this one:

But anyway, I totally agree about 79. Brilliant.


You did Richard yes. My mistake, sorry.


Too many books – not enough time!


"The key word there is short. Short is good in design books. It's more like a collection of blog posts."

Just wanted to check.. aren't all the 'stories' referencing this list of blog posts by Bierut: http://designobserver.com/archives/author.html?id=19 ?? if so is there anything new/extra other than the book looking wonderfully designed? :)


Not all the stories are from Design Observer. A lot of them are from articles Bierut had written for magazines like Eye in the nineties.

I need to check, but I think all of them had been published somewhere else.

Neil Martin

Thanks for this post. I've just ordered the book, based on your small review of it. Looks interesting.


Just ordered this as well. Been on the to read list for a while!

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Patrick McLaren

Thanks for the info!

My next purchase from Amazon will now be this book. :)


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