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Oct 02, 2008



Wow! THAT is teasing.

David Airey

Hi Ben,

All the very best with whatever new endeavours you're involved in.

Adrian McEwen

Ooh, exciting. Good luck with it all.


Love the Yorkshire Tea creeping into the first picture!


It all sounds very exciting. Good luck with what you're going to do next!


Yes, good luck. Sounds exciting!


Nice phone chap!


I'm very excited for you, good luck with it all. And, good luck to all the people at Design Conspiracy as well. Have they relaced you? Is there a Lars and the real girl situation over there or are they OK? Well done you for keeping things scary and fun.


This is starting to sound like an end more than a beginning. Anyways, I have always enjoyed reading your blog and I hope that you'll be able to keep it fresh with all of your new ventures. Congratulations on starting anew as I'm sure it feels like you just popped out of the shower after a hard days work.


Congrats from CHI

Tom of the Rovers

Now you're fucked.

Mark McGuinness

Good luck, looking forward to reading the next chapter.

The Kaiser


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