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Oct 13, 2008



excellent spot - great photo.

James griffin

Now thats funny! I'd love to see the dealerships face as well!


"Since new Nothing But Aggro"

how brilliant is that?


Poor bugger. Still, though; that's got to be effective.


If he wants reliability, he should go back many years and buy a 1975-80 Ford Escort Mk2 van (simple things too) - I have a 4-door saloon version which has given 50,000kms reliability since I bought it several years ago...


Nice to see that you were picked up by AutoBlog.
Well done, quick fingers on shooting the foto.

mikal in nyc

charlie gower

very very nice. Hopefully people will start understanding the power they have, it's taken long enough...

Creative Agency Manchester

That is stunning... can't believed he has had to go to those extremes.


Should have bought a Transit Connect. Doh.


Brilliant. Is that website essexbuilding.co.uk . yep, seems like it :)

Fiat should be all over themseselves to get him a decent reliable motor.

We had a Fiat Panda many years ago and engine-wise it was pretty good. The body was falling apart though.


The funny thing is though it hasn't stopped him putting on his website, almost like a mascot!

Dave Conrey

I'm sorry, but I think if you're buying a Fiat, you're rolling the dice anyway. They don't call them "Fix It Again, Tony" because of their stunning track record of reliability.


excellent! Hope you don't mind but I've re-posted on our blog as this is definitely an ad for fiat.

peter donegan

love this pic! bulaidh bós... maybe we should all take a leaf out of this guys book :)
genius ;)


You seen his list of services ?:

Building in essex/ extensions in essex / loft conversions in essex/ refurbishment in essex / kitchens in essex / bathrooms in essex / bedrooms in essex / electrical work in essex / plastering in essex

...that's a bit regionalist isn't it ?

Cement different in Essex or something ?

What I like about this is the fact that if he doesn't stand for no nonsene with his motors, he probably won't expect you to stand for no nonsence with the quality of his buyidpoing, I mean building.


Well, it's not like he can count on his truck to get him home from a far-flung job site, is it?


The last time I saw someone from Fiat, it was together with their lawyers in the Dutch court because I sued them. It ended up wit a deal, but it felt great to sue those bastards after 7 years of problems with a self deintegrating Fiat. I felt what you are feeling with this Doble. Sue them.


Not exactly the tagline they are using on the website.

But surely this can't be just down to the van,perhaps this workman from Essex needs to take a little responsibility for his driving methods...?

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