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Nov 05, 2008



wrong side of the country my friend, let us know next time you are on the east coast.


Look on the boards here for great places to eat in portland.

Also, don't leave without a stop by powell's books on burnside.

And... Best places to drink beer in portland


I'm not in Portland anymore but I highly recommend grabbing some Stumptown coffee when you are there.. It's arguably the best coffee in America.


Do they have Starbucks there ? Those places are amazing ! So great to have meetings in. Has anyone ever tried this ?


Ooooh, you must go to voodoo donuts one evening - its quite an experience!!


I love Portland. There are a ridiculous number of coffee houses there, you won't be short of choice. Leave a day free to explore Powell's Bookstore if you can!


A couple of recommendations...

Great Mexican food: Por Que No on Mississipi then head down the street to Amnesia for a superb, handcrafted beer.

Feeling contemplative? Maybe you'll enjoy the Japanese Gardens in Forest Park.

Fun Bars: Aalto in SE and Doug Fir, also in SE.

Definitely check out Powell's Books. There is a cafe there and you can bring books in and relax.


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