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Nov 13, 2008



"halitosis ridden yoghurt pot manufacturer with a comb over" - brilliant.

David Airey

I found this a very useful insight, Ben. Thanks for having Richard feature here. To have someone with his experience back up my stance on a number of topics is great to read.


I'm not old enough to have survived a recession but I am a business developer and have worked in design and I can say that I think almost all of these insights are absolutely smack bang on. Of course he knows what he's talking about much more than me but I've tried a lot of these and I can say from my own experience that even when NOT in a recession that a lot of the advice on managing clients here is absolutely going to deliver value, loyalty, profitability, great fun and great work.

Brad Brooks

Bloody excellent. Thank you...


Thank you both Ben and Richard. Insightful-common sense advice at its best.

Maxine J Horn

Excellent advice delivered with such good humour.
An interesting use of Design Students which might lead to a raft of poor students walking around the street dressed up in various costumes. Still its better than the joke: What do you say to a design student on his first day at work? I'll have a large Mac and fries please.
I hope many agencies read Richard's advice and take heed of it as it is absolutely spot on. Design firms put themselves in the shoes of the clients customers everyday, when responding to a 'user-centred' design brief - However, they often forget that very skill when seeking new business. Richard makes this point loud and clear, don't take the 'here's one we made earlier'approach but pick clients of relevance to your offer, and consider the issues facing them. Oh and whilst I am in here and noting Richard's point about marketing and communication - join BDI and deliver your brand to our audiences of over 1.2 million design & innovation interested people. Well we all have to justify blogging with a bit of marketing!

Adam Whittaker

I'd just like to point out that WMH have never used RSW! It sounds like he's had a bad experience with a not terribly good new business agency. When I set up RSW we were one of three new business agencies, I'd previously been the MD of one of the others.

There must be more than thirty now. Many of them charlatons. Beware!

Jennifer Farley

Am preparing a sandwich board and jaffa cakes as I type ...

Very helpful article, thanks.

Jahir Kamal

I am a designer. It's very helpful article to me.

Thank you both Ben and Richard.

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