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Nov 14, 2008



I've looked happier.


I can't believe you still have that look, Marcus.

I have another piece of advice for printers (I used to run a printing company too but it was a bit smaller)

1. Reduce your wastage. Don't fuck up your jobs. Keep you staff on their toes.


It's my look Tom.


Is that hair real?


Yes Lee. It takes ages to do.




Super advice found here today, many thanks to Ben for collecting it together.

Although already practicing this kind of thing, it's always good to hear others talking about it. It's something that is very reassuring. Knowing that your not alone. Or crazy.

There's an awful amount of 'price dumping' screws being turned at this very moment in Berlin... And unfortunately not much resistance against it. It's very frustrating to see a lot of my piers not responding in the same way.. With solidarity.... That's something that I feel is really missing in the industry at this moment....


I've just realised that I forget a really important piece of advise for being buying print.
This being:

always use the RIGHT printer.

That's it. sorry.

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