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Dec 31, 2008



What a cromulent list. Very useful. I like the photos too. All the best for 2009

Joe Clark

Ordinarily we spell skiamorph thus. What is your source for that spelling?


Word I learned this year that made me stare off into the distance, like I was contemplating running into the sea or something: Freeplay. The incredible, mind-boggling concept that not every minute of a child's time should be scheduled and supervised and sometimes they should just be "free" to "play".

Runner up: Staycation.

Thank-you, Ben, for another year of great blogging.

Rob Mortimer

How ameliorating.

I am certainly a nintendotaku.

Haniff Din

My new favourite word right now is 'chillax'. I love new words.

Jeremy Stersky

if I remember when the word chillax emerged, if you must have been in my really late teens or my early 20s. Good times. Another great word is dauber - used for bingo - take a look at this great post - www.bingo-room.com or bingo room it's pretty darn cool :-)

Account Deleted

Let's all go play bingo at www.bingo-room.com. Join us! Word play is as pleasing as bingo!

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