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Jan 21, 2009



Thanks, Seb, Tariq, Rosy and Jenny. Have you learned anything from the endeavour?


Thanks everybody, I really can't wait to get mine!


Thank you all!


cool how do i get a hold of one?

Neil Martin

I just want to point out that I'm still incredibly jealous of everyone who managed to get a copy of this. Lucky you!

Thomas Vanhuyse

Thank you all for doing this! I'm really curious how it'll look like when I'm holding it in my hands.

Matt Noble

Hopefully mine might be in there.... i got the e-mail saying none left not long after i requested mine, i look forward to see if anything drops through my letterbox

Thanks again.... if i do get one... lol



Thanks everybody! I'm very much looking forward to seeing the paper.


weehee, can't wait to feel it!


Thank you! I received my copy on Saturday.

Steve Price

Dear Ben,

I received it today. It's on my desk awaiting a damn good read for me tomorrow. I looked through it and it is bloody brilliant. Something like this needs to be done monthly, or bi-monthly and available to counteract all those shit-rags on the tube.

Thank-you so much. I only hope that I might write something of such merit as to appear in it one day.

Best wishes, I owe you one.



Hi Ben,

Got mine today (No. 820) and I am well chuffed, it's lovely. It's a very cool idea and smart as paint too. Cheers!

Steve O

This is what I miss when I don't read a blog for a month.



Arrived last Friday! A great idea well done.

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