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Jan 28, 2009



Good morning Katie and Masum. I bet you're not even out of bed yet, are you?

Students, eh?

Lily Dart

Are you working with the FDA students? I finished it last year, I'm sorry I missed you!

Masum Khan

Hello there Mr.Terrett, thank you for blogging us at LCC and on the FdA. Much obliged.

However the prospect of being critiqued online, makes my legs turn to 'jelly', but 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'.

I wonder what the dissonance will sound like, in the feedback loop? :P

and to 'davidthedesigner', yes, I was in bed. :)


Not with Katie, I hope?


Lily - the FdA yes.

David - please be careful, these are the fresh young minds of tomorrow.


Maz is anything but fresh.

Katie Burn


I wasn't in bed. Especially not with Masum! (No offense Maz...) Actually I was doing real work. And breakfasting. Strengthening this fresh young mind...

Anyway, thanks for the mention Ben. Great to know that you're pleased with our stuff. Online critiquing sounds super-useful..
See you tomorrow!


Hi! I'm at the LCC in Foundation Graphics Design. I love reading your blog :)


Hello my name is Tim. I'm currently a graphic design student in Southern California. I traveled to Europe last summer and while there visited the LCC and thought it was great. I'm thinking of going for my masters and was wondering if you or any of the current students had any suggestions, tips, warnings etc. about it. Anything at all would be great. Love the Blog, keep it up!

Masum Khan

just be yourself.


Hello Im a design student at Stockport College (no, not Manchester Met!) and I love keeping up with the work at the LCC. I went to the letterpress exhibition at St Brides a few months ago and I've been following the gorgeous and innovative LCC work ever since. This involved nearly 5hours on a coach so you can see I am a lover of print and press!! It was worth it though and all the work shown was brilliant.

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