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Jan 26, 2009



Surely flickr stats gives you the source url?



Seems to arrive by search. But it's always that picture and that can't be the only picture for The Crack.


Only if you have a pro account.


Would be a good excuse to go pro.


I am pro. And the stats say this:

Flickr 7 <1%
Search Engines 7 <1%
Other Sites 10 <1%
Direct Traffic 10,403 99%

Odd, or what?


Hmm. strange.

On an unrelated note, it seems image 2040348671 is prime. Kinda interesting. In a designerly sort of way.

Spencer Greenwood

I actually think that Shibboleth has a third meaning, with sexual connotations. Combined with 'crack', I'd say this mystery solves itself.

Flickr is strange like that, though. Few have actually viewed my photostream, but my images with words like "undressing" or "crotch" related to them have had scores of favourites. It's seedy.


I agree with Spencer. The biggest "hits" in my account are pictures with something at least vaguely sexual in the titles, tags or picture.

Probably a blog link?


I think it just shows the power of a good headline.

But if you think it is based on the hidden meaning of the word shibboleth then you could test it easily by putting up another pic using the word and seeing how it performs.


Shibboleth is a software program that "allows sites to make informed authorization decisions for individual access of protected online resources". I expect some of the hits may be unscrupulous types may be looking for a security crack for this?


Wow my grammar's bad - it's early.


isnt Shibboleth that word which is used to prove you are a christian or something I think i saw this on West Wing...I may be totally off the mark here, in which case...sorry.

A J Le Fave

you need to look at all referrers and then one of those links will be the answer...

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