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Jan 27, 2009



I've never quite 'got' Dopplr and I don't think I'm it's ideal user, but I'd sign up solely for my own annual report – superb.


Your Dopplr Personal Annual Report isn't that 'smart, fun, beautifully executed and interesting' on MY machine - as I can't even open it !

Probably for the best as I have work to do. If only I could get into 'Word'.....


I had a quick flick through some of the updates in iLife 09. The new version of iPhoto looks to have something similar in the way that it can create a map of where the photos were taken. Not sure if this is automatic or not?

Could be worth a getting the upgrade to find out.


Despite how gorgeous and 'right' dopplr is, I couldn't see how it would be relevant outside of a niche group of global conference-visiting users (which isn't me). So I never bothered with it.

I'll give it a go though.


Steve, Alex, you are both wrong. You don't need to travel very far or even to fly to enjoy it.

If you went to Bath a few times a year, by car that would be fine. Technically you could plot from Battersea to Greenwich everyday. Try it, you might like it.

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