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Jan 23, 2009


Matt Noble

ha, yer the Good Ideas Salon London sounded good, thought it would be a good way to help get the creative juices going coming up to my Final Major Project (didnt actually get to looking at the date), seem a good idea untill i saw the price, think i'll give this one a miss, but thinks for pointing it out

Neil Martin

At £300 for a ticket, I'll pass.


This is just what we need Ben. We're a design studio and do quite a lot of work for the largest University in our area. Of course, all Universities are having to market themselves more aggressively now so it's crucial that we get our heads around what "the kids" think/love/hate. And that's tricky for me because I'm knocking on a bit.


Funnily I have a draft (well idea) relating to the differences between traditional advertising agencies and pure digital agencies. In that traditional advertisers have strategy, trends, consumer research but seemingly don't (or want to) apply a lot of this analysis to inform the user experience of their digital output.

Conversely (visual) design within digital agencies tends to sit within the whole user experience process and takes into account end user analysis to inform the design, but tend to be a bit weak on strategy etc.

Funnily enough I've always equated traditional Graphic Design with that of digital design as the end product needs to be a bit more considered - rather than a big "buy this" x48 sheet.

Bollocks, now I'm not even sure if this is relevant.

Did I mention it was a work-in-progress post?

*Thanks for the newspaper BTW.

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