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Jan 14, 2009



Blimey, you did quite a lot didn't you? You should have said, I could probably have done quite a lot of that in powerpoint.

M.J. Parker

So here's the big question: How much did it cost? Definitely curious! Let us know!


passion. that´s what i see and most value of this.



Fantastic. Just the sort of thing I could imagine you'd come up with.

Paul H. Colman

The internet made better by the paper, and now the paper made better by the internet.



I noticed the Clarendon thing. That was a nice touch. Thank you. I am definitely not angry.


just sent my details off to get one sent to me. Can't wait to take a leisurely stroll through your paper


Great post Ben.


Which came first, the idea or the collection of the content in your memories or somewhere else?

Laurent Domenech

This is brilliant, how can I get one?
Is it for sale somewhere?


Lovely stuff. I do like a nice bit of newsprint.

Looking forward to getting one of these in the post. The integration of print & the internet is an interesting area, definitely under-used.


Really interesting indeed. And good point about baseline grids!


Great stuff – can't wait for Mr Postman to deliver mine!


I'm not either...really.


I loved the post.
I have a simple question, and sorry for my ignorance, but what exactly he meant with a "100/100 red"?


your baseline grid is ok (maybe a bit widely leaded for a newspaper) but wheres your cap-height grid?

and adverts are the ENEMY of newspapers. you should see what we could do without the crappy things (on which our entire business model is precariously balanced on, so unlikely we'll see the back of them), which brings us to the cols.. which are broadly based on the demands of advertisers rather than the desires of designers.. as almost all newspapers are tabloid now, ad agencies only need to supply one size of ad that can be slotted into most newspapers. they charge their clients per ad, so if they have to resize, the client gets another bill. when we did the berliner it took A YEAR to convince our commercial department and then for them to convince advetisers that a new ad size wouldnt be such a bad thing. hence our more slow and more elegant (we think) 5 col grid. My guess the pentagram 6 col would be solely based on ads. i could be wrong tho..

have i bored you yet?


good work though, nice to see people fucking with the format

and 100/100 is 100% magenta, 100% yellow that makes red marcos.

DeepSpin (Dave Spathaky)

Oh feck all gone. Really liked the look but I did want to smell the ink too.

An likelyhood of a reprint?

dan burgess

love it. I'd take that over the london lite any day ;-)


Love it.

I have no idea how much this cost, but in my experience it's not crazily expensive to do print runs of a certain volume.

I used to take our student rag to get printed at News International plant in Stratford; it was reasonable-ish.


I'd really love to read more about your «experimental organisational structure» you used to describe your Really Interesting Group thing!


Great! Complimenti!



Neil Martin

This is absolutely fantastic. Such a great idea. My only disappointment is that I've only just read this post and seen that they've sold out. I would have loved a copy.

Like others, I'd love to get an idea of how much something like this cost.


Great idea and really well executed! Well done Ben and Russell - and thanks for my copy...


Ironically, it looks to me as if a designer HAS been let loose on it, much more so than the Lush piece.

Virginia Postrel

Did any of the writers get paid for their work (not necessarily by you--just paid for writing by anyone)?


That is so boss. Great idea mate - it looks so good I want to lick it. You guys got plans to do another run - or maybe make it biannual with a mid-year round up. I want to get my paws on a copy.

Christine Prefontaine

Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing the process.


The paper just came in, it's super fantastisch! thanks!!


Seems there was none left for me when I ordered 17 days ago? *sniff*

Ian Harris

How much did this cost to print? Please tell us!!!

Ben Locker

Mine's here. Thrilled. Can't wait to read it.


Got mine in the mail. Thanks a million.

Hope you don't mind if we sort of, uhm, borrow the concept for a Finnish version. Or let's just say that I was very inspired by it.


I just received my copy… thank you so much! can't wait to dive in over the weekend. Ld

Tony Unruh

Received mine today. Thanks a lot. It looks really great.


Looks great! No.944 is sitting here in Luxembourg. Thanks a lot for sending it over guys!


Any chance for a PDF version now that the printed edition is sold out?


Thanks for my copy #666 ;) Very nice idea, loved it!


Hey, cool article (and cool project). Could you explain a little further what you mean exactly by "reducing the enemies"? My girlfriend and I are interpreting it differently :)

Traffic Building

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Ewen Siah

What about the copyright issue?
The stuff on the internet could be just lifted from another source then another then another.
Its a murky area at must.


This is great stuff. Very sexy. Just the kind of thing I like to do the most.


Warren Harrison

Really enjoyed the session at TD, many thanks for the'newspaper' - handing it over to my journalism dept at Teesside uni.



Nice stuff, does anyone have a ballpark figure on how much this cost?


So can you tell me what's the purpose of wasting paper and ink? LOL


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nice job guys on this... i started The Printed Blog www.theprintedblog.com in January of last year. we did 16 issues, printed and distributed, in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and LA. after blowing through around 300k, i had to shut the business. you can read about it at blog.theprintedblog.com. as i've done this exact business before, there might be things i can help with... if you'd like to chat, feel free to reach out. kindly... josh, founder and publisher, the printed blog (jkarp at theprintedblog dot com)

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