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Jan 15, 2009




Steve Price

oh bollocks have I missed the boat on these? Is there a spare one for little old me? Pretty Please?


Nah you missed the boat pal! Bosh.

Steve Price

Arse, Bish!


I'm happy to pass mine on, after I've read it. Hope you don't mind, Ben, but I'm trying not to collect stuff.


any chance of a reprint? please let me know. I really enjoy your previuous post about the project and choices you made. congratulations :)


pretty excited about it! great idea :)

James Kirkup

Made my day when no.156 came threw in the post this morning.

Thank you - Some photos are up here, http://www.flickr.com/photos/iamjames/sets/72157612598976444/


Thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to get my paper in the mail!

Paul H. Colman

I'm putting mine on ebay.


Well done Ben. A designers dream, designing for fun - what a great enterprise. And during work hours! I am more than a little envious.
Designing for people that will appreciate the detail…
…I'm weeping now.

I would 'LOVE' to get a copy of this, I may even be persuaded to pay for one? So if anyone has a copy that they are happy to pass on please, please let me know. Until then I will watch ebay with anticipation.


hopeful here.


But you pwomised!


And your staff are on their knees.


What a load of rubbish. This has all been done before - newspapers - they're all over the place - a shop near me sells loads of them EVERY DAY and THEY never run out.


I am absolutely entranced by this idea and want to do something similar. What were the printing costs?


#305 arrived here this morning for which many thanks!

Separating the pinholes at the outer edge for the first time had a tactile quality that Flickr is unlikely to replicate.


Can't believe I missed this. Damn.

H. Michael Karshis

Looks great - very cool idea. Bummer they're all gone - I too am curious as to the printing cost of such a short run.



Neil Martin

Please please consider a reprint. I'd even pay for my copy and I'm sure many other people would as well.

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