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Feb 12, 2009



whilst it's not marketed straight at Valentine's day... this proves there is a better alternative : http://www.supermarkethq.com/product/pretty-sure-type-poster


Blimey, what a miserable post!!! Are you hoping to make a book 'Grumpy Old Designers'? A lot of people don't like Valentines day because they are single, in unhappy relationships or very 'male'. Men will say they don't see why they should be forced to show their love on one particular day..but for a lot of men this will or has historicly been the only day their wife/GF/WTeva has been shown some tenderness. Yes it is a big pile of bollocks in theory but, you would have to be a bit of a dumb ass not to get your other half something to say 'I love you'. nearly all the women I have ever met are 'into' valentines. a lot of them tell their other halves they arent because its easier than expecting something nice on the day. Yep, I think theyre stupid too. Its no big deal to be romantic on one day inparticular, the same as its no big deal to remember the work mums put in on mothers day etc etc it is more hypocritical for a nation of non christians to go bananas over the birth of christ. And anyway, Easter is the biggie for christians, I should know, I was one.
But I totally agree, the design sucks the colours suck, what is on offer is mainly not romantic at all, do men still think girls like badly fitting underwear with itchy lace??
But, what about something from Rob Ryan? or do what my husband did and made a montage of tiny pictures of all my favourite things in the world, and popped it in a clipper frame.
Please feel free to not leave this on your comments.


Letterpress Valentines card, with others on the side.
The only pieces of decent design I have seen related to this made up day..



That's not a pink jumper.


you've been married some time, yes?

Paul H. Colman

What Dan said...

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