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Feb 13, 2009


Kate Burn

Thank you for the brilliant pictures!

It's great to see what was presented in the other assessments. (Tom, that work is particularly beautiful)

I'm glad you enjoyed working with us - we really enjoyed the project too.



This is lovely. The idea of using a pie to house a pie chart is fantastic. Kudos to you for this endeavor.

Tom McEvoy

I'm also enjoying nosing at the other work, it was a great project to work on, interesting and loads of fun, cheers for coming in and making it all happen

Neil Martin

Nice work. Infographics have always interested in me, but at the same time annoy me. The reason being that so often, a designer will go to great lengths to make it *look* appealing, but as soon as it's time to actually make sense of the information, it becomes completely confusing.

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