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Feb 10, 2009


Tom Armitage

It's all about the Pepsi Force of Gravity.


That clenches it, I never want to work in advertising. Somebody must destroy this before we have an outbreak.


Simply awful. Doesn't this fall in the "just because you can, doesn't necessarily mean you have to" category?


why all the hating on the new pepsi logos?

if you looked at any logo guidelines they would look equally ridiculous.

truth is brands need logos. I think the idea of using a modified swoosh per product is pretty innovative.


The pages where the logos get reduced to scribbles are lovely to look at, though.


They must be jokin'. Or else you are.

Andy C

This is hilarious. Is this real? It seems like someone is pulling a 'brasseye' but in the design world?

Seriously though I think that Pepsi re-brand too often. To me it makes the brand seem like someone who doesn't know who they really are and can't make their mind up. Like a friend who is constantly changing styles and clothes to fit in with everyone else. Coca-cola have the right idea stripping back their logo right to the core values. Like Jack Daniels they know who they are, they are proud of it and they do not come across as 'desperate' for your sales.

Maybe instead of Pepsi constantly changing their logo they could inject life into the product using an amazing advertising campaign (think Stella and Guinness) and sponsoring interesting things etc (think BP sponsoring Science Museum exhibitions and Carling sponsoring every single music venue in England - horrible bland beer and logo but as soon as you attach the brand to something interesting it breathes magic into it.

Neil Martin

That PDF is amazing.


Breathtaking days it all!

This way outdoes any identities I have worked with. Surely even the most naive executive wouldn't beleive any of this?

If it's real, bravo to the folks who sold it, utter tripe but utterly entertaining!


"The Pepsi DNA finds its origin in the dynamic of perimeter oscillations."

It that what drawing circles on top of curvy lines is? I get it. No, wait. It thought it was just doodling.

"The Pepsi DNA finds its origin in the dynamic of doodling." There, that makes more sense.

Andy C

Yep after a day of thinking about it...I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever it is satirical. Like in that episode of brasseye with 'cake'


If it's fake, it's brilliant, if it's real, it's horrible.

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