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Feb 05, 2009



#697 lives in Sydney, Australia. I'll take a photo and post it over the weekend.

BTW, thanks Ben, It looks great.


great idea david - brilliant. oh, and well done ben on all that vanity-inducing stuff.


Got mine! Thanks for sending one across the pond.


Did they pay you for your photo?


Printing on the back of something else. I guess that would be designy.


John, they didn't pay me. Generally my pictures are free to use as long as it's non commercial, you ask and you give me a copy.

Academia counts as non commercial.

But none of that counts for you. You have to pay.


If I don't you're going to break my jaw, right?


John, I have people who do that for me.


Yes Ben, but that doesn't come for free either, how many times do I need to tell you? Ha ha ha.

I'm still waiting for #069 copy


It seems that the Kiwi post is somewhat slower than the rest of the world… or worse. Still, I wait ever patiently every morning just in case mine arrives today.

Stu Mason

#581 has had a different home every night for the past week, mostly around Oxfordshire though... well read around the office! Thank you


#634 is in Bethnal Green, thoroughly flicked through.


hi Ben,

I didnt know you were sending out to places as far as Sydney, any copies left that i could get my hands on?


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