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Feb 20, 2009


Stu Mason

No web address for his site then? That's clever!


It's on the other side.


Some of his cartoons are good, though (thanks, Google):


David Airey

Looks just like one or two of the emails I receive each day.


That's nice. Hand-written, posted.


"Kind" meaning...

Neil Martin

What's on the front of the postcard, just out of curiosity?

Also, since you've now blogged about it, doesn't that mean that the postcard has done its job of making you take notice of the person who sent it?


i'll swap you that for my mail yesterday: 2 forms to fill out for government assistance and 1 from a hospital with a date for consultancy in 6 months' time.


I'd be destroyed by my tutors if I even said out loud that I was going to send off something like that to potential clients


I think its cool! Plus it makes you look at it, it would definatly stand out from the usual white envelope crap that gets sent out i reckon!

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