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Feb 14, 2009


Neil Martin

That's some really nice DoF and customer service.

As for that Nikon, as I read your post, I thought "Yeah, it's nice, but I wish DSLRs were cheaper" and then I read the price. 42% off! That's impressive.

Do you think Amazon would mind keeping that price for say, another few months while I go find myself a well paying design job?


best price for new d40 nowadays is around 200 quids. not bad.

Andy C

I miss depth of field so much. It makes lugging round a big camera worth it.

I use my iphone camera alot and it's fine although the colours are sometimes a bit bland (I just add saturation in photoshop and it seems to bring the shots to life) The main problem I have with the iphone is you have to spend ages waiting for the camera to load up (I counted 10 second once...people can't smile for 10 seconds)

Andy C

Can I ask a question. Does ANYONE out there know of a small compact camera that has depth of field?


Andy C - I use a Panasonic LX 3, it has good depth of field and a good wide aperture of 2.0


Why did it take until January for you to send it in? Was it in storage?


You'll have to let us know if you encounter a lot of noise with the Nikon. It's their nickname you know, noisy Nikon. At work we switched to Canon because of it.


I swapped from a Canon to the D40 and I *heart* it. Not noisy. Apart from the shutter sound. The best thing about the D40 is that you can use almost any old manual lens on it - like Ben says, it's photography all over again.

digital camera reviews

i like the d40. i have never had a problem with it.

Jhon Monsi

Hello.This article was really fascinating, especially because I was browsing for thoughts on this issue last week..... i really enjoy your blog

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