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Feb 27, 2009



Great post. Most definately a good lesson on the implications of branding as well as copyright. The conversation 'can we just have it as a JPG... or, even better, a Word doc as we want to PRINT it' made me laugh, how true!


The sad thing is, that government (ie taxpayers) will probably end up paying more with all the additional costs to achieve this 'unprompted' awarness, than by keeping the old contract with GORGI..

Or this is how it usually seems to go with all government money saving schemes.

Great post though!

Paulol Pereira

That is hilarious! I love that, Capita "Oh. Can't we just have the one off your website?" LOL

Thats exactly what people think of logos now-a-days. I hear that all the time at work when I ask marketing or sales team to contact clients for their logo, they always say pull it off there website - then I have to explain and show then why it doesn't work.

Good for CORGI!- there should be a public uproar over this definitely if the tax payers are going to pay for this.


excellent post ben - illustrates the depth of symbolism for people and the importance of it. what a cock-up on the government's part.

are you sure the gas safety register logo doesn't come with a pepsi-esque 41 page rationale doc?


Reminds me a little bit of the British Airways rebrand cockup, when no one considered the fact that air traffic control wouldn't be able to recognise the airline if each tailfin had a different piece of "art" on it.


Logos like this just seem to float around in the aether, semi-official, certifying or approving something-or-other, vaguely related to the government perhaps. The general public has no reason to give these logos any more thought than that, but you would have thought Capita would be more clued in.


Love it - we were recently asked how a person could get 'one of those pictures that you put beside our company name'... "Do you just get them off the internet or do you guys have to something..."

I couldn't decide if it was a communications error on our part or a clue to the potential business success of the company in need... maybe a little of both...

dan heaver

is this what you call seeding?

clever Capita.

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