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Mar 01, 2009



Why do you guys spell color with a U in it?


Hey nice. It's actually pleasant to look at.

bought the guardian the other day, nice piece in there too.


Belosic - Reno Graphic Design

Sometimes it's so nice to actually break out the watercolors instead of the mouse and keyboard. Sometimes I wish I was a grpahic artist back in the '30s...true commercial art :)

Alex Weston

Because that's how you spell it.


things made by hand aren´t perfect. the lines never straight, limits always exceeded. to what the mind´s eye saw, you are just close. keep trying and you´ll always end up with something new, original, unique. humaine, full of meaning. the lines never straight, limits always exceeded, something all ideas need.


It's definitely the way forward. Mmmm. Happiness is handwritten.

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