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Mar 24, 2009



Out of curiosity, what do they do? =D

Neil Martin

Apologies for not getting the joke but...I don't get it.


Me neither


I've seen this before, is it the new development near Old Street tube station? I thought of you when I saw it as you're the only person I know who calls it that!





For those not catching on: Bézier....Bézier curves...

Neil Martin

I knew what Bézier curves are and how they relate to the logo, but surely the joke isn't simply that it's in a rigid box?..That's hardly much of a joke, even in a design-related context.


Not funny.


I feel stoopid, I also don't get it. Bézier's an apartment complex near as I can tell, there are two buildings that are essentially slightly curvy like the logo.

...also, not to be pedantic, but at it's simplest, a Bézier curve IS a straight line.

Al Woods

They're also the name of the company that killed off Poulters...I think. Not THAT actually company, but same name.

Why did I post that? Oh yes, because the joke is crap and so is my post.

Move along....


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