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Mar 26, 2009


Neil Martin

I'm going to play devil's advocate here. I'm going to reach as far as possible for an explanation, but I'm struggling to compose the following argument because yes, the logo is bad.

Perhaps the circle itself is not the logo, but more the placement of it in support of the typography. While it is indeed just a normal, bog standard circle, the typeface (Brand New claims Bauhaus/Chalet) is not particularly bog standard.

I suppose you could argue that with this in mind, the type is all that's needed and you can scrap the circle altogether. But, as the comments on the Brand New post show, a circle has been used in the past to good effect. I can see how a clean, untouched, 'pure' circle relates to honest news. There's definitely a connection there.

As I say, I'm just trying to reach as far as possible for the defense of this. It's fairly difficult to do so, though.

doug E fresh

Ben. I don't think I'm alone when I say that you've posed an extremely pertinent question, especially within the context of the tough world that brands face today. White circles, brands, what are we to make of it all? Staggering.


I don't hate the logo, but I hate those posters. Circle should have been the only white thing on there.


'whilst' should be 'while': too many consonants in 'whilst' devalues its purity.

'more than enough time' should be 'a moment': existing message assumes you want that time to be given, which seems a bit greedy for a pure sin-free brand.

Perhaps 'new' should be 'brand new' for a bit of brand repetition to stick in the mind/have some fun.

Still debating use of full-stop...


I spotted these at Heathrow when I was over a couple of weeks ago. Terrible things.

Paul H. Colman

Brands need to do more learning, that's what I'm taking out of this.

Has everyone now seen the Fedex logo?


I can do good logo's if anyone wants one.

Tom Harle

I think I accidentally picked up some euronews headed paper at Staples the other day, it's covered in white circles.

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