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Apr 02, 2009



Actually it's not a bad comment at all. I've worked with quite a few TV stations/networks and you'd be surprised how technologically behind they can be - they still fax aplenty, so it is a relevant point.


I think that having an only colour logo kind of makes you a bully--you are imposing your logo on others without giving them any flexibility. I'm making the materials for a conference that a nonprofit is hosting, and many of the things are in black and white, and when the sponsors provide logos only in colour it takes time and effort to make them usable.

Al Woods

I'm a huge fan of single colour logos and black on white logos, but, as with Dory's comment, I used to work for Nike and now have a contract with them, plus I do lots of work for Premier League football clubs. The problem here is that pretty much all football clubs have full colour logos but not all of the clubs have great design resources, if any, so when you need a single colour logo it is very time consuming to create them, that actually work, from their existing artwork. I think single colour logo options should be a must, especially as a secondary option.

Andy Coff

Thinking from a exhibtion graphics perspective it's great to have the option of a B+W logo. You may want to build the logo in alluminium type blocks or cut it out of wood, or dye cut it through panels etc. This could also apply to print.

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